Hello! My name is Rob I am a HUGE fan of Kaijudo! I’m here to tell you about four really cool cards. Coincidentally they are all level 4 and are some of the most powerful cards that you can be playing that fit in a variety of decks. Having a deeper understanding as to why these cards are so powerful might help you in your adventure to become the greatest Duelmaster ever!




So check out this guy, he is one rad dude! This card is good for so many reasons, it’s silly. I like to think of him as your finisher for the rush meta. There isn’t much you can do about a creature that goes back into your hand at the end of your turn. If your opponent does not have a shield blast removal, you get him back and can wreak havoc on your next turn. You also can set him as that solid colored mana and have enough to summon an evo creature, but in most cases you usually just win. 5000 power is pretty good, most of the early blockers lose to him AND it gets past Infernus the Awakened which is important. Sometimes all you need is that one attacker to win the game and if you put on your Master Chavez hat and heehaw this bad boy through the veil as he delivers results! DID I MENTION HE HAS FAST ATTACK?!?!?




This card is annoying for a couple of reasons. He is one of the very limited draw engines in the game. Whenever your opponent cats a spell, you may draw a card!! THIS IS SILLY!! 3500 power is kind of weak for a creature, but when another creature is in the field under your control, he is untargetable by spells or abilities! Don’t fear shield blasts with him. Attack with this bad boy last to ensure a swift victory

Drawing cards is so important in this game because hand advantage unlocks infinite doors to card combos that can just hand you a victory so fast, but also having this card in the field may change your opponents mind about the cards that they play or don’t play. You might even sneak in a misplay here or there because they forget that this card is in play and you get that one extra card you need. Without a doubt this card gets there with all of his charm and is a force to be reckoned with.


THIS CARD IS NUTSSSSSSSS. A shield blast that lets you look through your deck, get the card you need for next turn to set you up for the a big play possibly the win. Also assuming you know your deck list in and out when you look through your deck and whats in play already, you can determine exactly what your shields are. Knowing that you have a Stormspark Blast,  Root Trap, or Terror Pit up your sleeve (in the shield zone) can be devastating to your opponent! There are so many decks in the meta that can use this card with such raw power that it is a MUST in any list that has water in it.


This is a new card, I did not realize how amazing it is until I was able to play test with it. When he attacks he lets you look at your opponents hand which is silly and then you get to discard a spell from it. You can now save your Mesmerize for when you really need to get rid of something like an Eternal Haven. An even better ability with this guy on board is whenever ANY of your creatures becomes the target of a spell you can tap or untap ANY CREATURE on the board. Swing with a double breaker break two shields, did they reveal a Terror Pit? Tap down a creature your opponent controls. This lets you swing over that bad nasty they have that you’ve been scared of. What if they want to get rid of your Dark-Seer Jurlon because they don’t want to lose their spell card? No problem, just untap your double breaker and break two more!

This creature sets you up for some nasty situations that are just plain hard to deal with. It’s also notable to point out that you can use this ability to untap one of your creatures that was tapped down by cards like Lyra, the Blazing Sun saving one of your creatures from certain doom or untapping that blocker that you need to keep you in the game! This guy is a super for a reason.

At the end of the day not only are these cards super powerful, but they also make Kaijudo fun to play. Which in my book is number 1 because if you aren’t having fun then what is the point of playing. I hope you enjoyed my insight on these cards, come back soon for my next article!

Til next time! – Rob

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