Why you should get into Modern

The modern format is an eternal format that uses cards with the ‘modern’ appearance. 8th edition forward are the sets that make up the modern format. Modern is a format that does not change, so you don’t have to worry about set’s and cards rotating out of format. Legacy is also a format that does not change but it is also a format where Wizard’s of the Coast can’t reprint many cards needed to play. This is because of the reserved list.

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Last year, Wizards Of The Coast had seven modern Grand Prix and only two legacy Grand Prix. Wizards Of The Coast can reprint modern staples like Thoughtseize, Tarmogoyf, Dark Confidant, Vendilion Clique , and Cryptic Command. It helps the players to get into the format because there are more cards in circulation. Wizard’s of the Coast can also have special reprint sets such as Modern Masters.

The format has a wide variety of decks because there are more sets to choose from. Unlike standard, which only has two blocks and two core sets at any given time, modern does not have a set rotation. It is an eternal format. The standard format changes with sets rotating out every October. You also don’t have to worry about card prices plummeting to the ground like you do in standard because of the October rotation. Modern prices tend to stay stable, making the entry into the modern format more of an investment than a hobby. With a standard rotation, you have to worry about getting rid of cards before the price drops if it isn’t played in another format.

Wizards Of The Coast has made sure that modern’s banned list restricts people from winning super early or with little to no interaction with your opponent. They do this while also making sure that there is not one dominant deck ruling the tournament scene. If you are on a budget, modern is also a great format! There are many good budget decks such as Hatebears, Martyr Life, Mono Black Control, Bloom Titan, U/W  Control [Blue White Control], Living End, Splinter Twin, U/R Storm [Blue Red Storm], Hive Mind, Swans, Infect Combo, Red Deck Wins, Mono Blue Tron, and many more.

You know when a format is getting more popular when Wizards of the Coast gives you the option to sanction it for your FNM [Friday Night Magic]. I hope I convinced some of you Planeswalkers to try a new and fun format. Check out your local game store for the night of the week they host modern tournaments.

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