Drakon/Enforcer Fire/Light Rush Deck Profile

Hey there duelists! I would like to tell you a little about a deck of mine here today that I affectionately call “Dinosaurs and Spaceships”. This deck is not only fast and aggressive but it has moderate to well off defensive capabilities as well. In my opinion it’s the best of both the Mono Red Drakon rush and the Mono Light Enforcers decks respectively. I took what worked out of both of the decks and meshed them together where they meshed well and utilized the Multi Civs to bring it all together! Here is the list, feel free to share your thoughts!

Fire Civilization: 16

3 Blaze Belcher
2 Jump Jets
3 Jetflame Bodyguard
3 Branca the Treacherous
2 Laser-Arm Drakon
3 Gilaflame the Assaulter

Light Civilization: 17

3 Magris the Magnetizer
3 Chasm Entangler
3 Cloudwalker Drone
3 Sparkblade Protector
2 Blinder Beetle Prime
3 Stormspark Blast

Fire/Light Multi Civ: 7

3 Metal Max
3 Blitzer Mech Falkora
1 Major Ao

Total cards in deck: 40

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So now that you have seen the deck list let me take a minute to tell you about one of the best cards in this deck! This card is my tech of The deck!


A lot of people will tell you that Blinder Beetle Prime is a sure fire choice in an enforcer rush deck and while that card has it’s definite advantages, I prefer this guy in a rush type scenario. I’d like to think this mono light enforcer could be a powerful game changing card in a rush deck. The lone fact that it is an evo creature is a minus, but in a deck full with 12 enforcers for evo bait it works out quite nicely. This card is not only a blocker, but it is a double breaker, and a four cost for six thousand power to boot! This card can swing over huge threat cards to rush like Herald of Infernus, General Finnbar, and even trade with Lyra, the Blazing Sun if need be! This card can achieve all of this even before it’s ‘Raise The Alarm’ ability! With Sparkblade Protecter being a blocker its ability only enforces it’s blocking due to the fact that when ever another one of your creatures is banished on your opponents turn each of your creatures gets plus 2000 power until the end of the turn! This guy really represnts his civilation in this deck pulling all the strong points of the Light Civilization and using them to win as quick as possible!

Thanks for taking the time to read this and please always feel free to leave your feedback! Until next time keep your eyes open for more news, articles, and updates from “The Best Place In Gaming” Kirwan’s Game Store!

Sincerely, Joshua Kruse.

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Joshua Kruse

Joshua Kruse

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