Light/Water/Darkness Leviathan Control Deck Profile

Hi there duelists! Today I’d like to tell you about a deck that from a birds eye view can only be called “AHHHH!!!!! GODZILLA”. (See King Tritonus Artwork)


This deck runs more draw engines than a Vegas casino, has more control options than NASA, and knows how to have fun under the sea with its Leviathans. Here is the list for this beautiful monster! Feel free to share your thoughts!

Light Civilization: 16

3x Keeper of Laws
3x Lyra of the Blazing Sun
3x Stormspark Blast
2x Sunmote Field
3x Andromeda of the Citadel
2x Eternal Haven

Water Civilization: 16

3x Crystal Memory
3x King Barnacle
3x General Finbarr
2x King Coral
2x Finbarr’s Deadnaught
3x King Tritonus

Darkness Civilization: 17

1x Dark Return
2x Grudge Weaver
3x Mesmerize
2x Toxic Fog
3x Scaradorable of Gloom Hollow
2x Bone Blades
3x Terror Pit
1x Skull Shatter

Light/Water Multi Civ: 7

2x Aqua Strider
2x Piercing Judgement
1x Wave Lancer
2x Reverberate

Water/Darkness Multi Civ: 4

2x Vicious Squillace Scourge
2x Squillace Scourge

Total cards in deck: 60

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With this deck profile I felt I’d discuss some great cards that were released in the Invasion Earth set that really are a great fit for this deck!
These are the Techs Of The Deck!

Dear Minions, I would like to take a moment to tell you about how the Invasion Earth set has helped bring this deck to become an even more worthy competitor! First off, we have “King Barancle”!


This card is mono blue five cost for five thousand power. It is a blocker that does have guard, which can be a drawback for some, but this card will have you drawing for advantage all on its own. This card has many wonderful traits, one of which is that it cannot be defeated by Herald of Infernus. It can only trade with it hence being a deferent for Herald’s War Cry ability. Its shining power lies in its Reef Salvage ability, which states that whenever it enters the battle zone, you may draw a card and whenever he blocks you may draw a card. On top of that, this card is a leviathan which works off of King Corals Tail Smash ability!


Which states, whenever this creature, or one of your other leviathans enters the battle zone, return all creatures that are level four or less from the battle zone to their owners hands! Not only is he able to take advantage of that but he also is a lower costing evo bait for one of this decks other shining stars, our next Invasion Earth Tech Of The Deck card; Vicious Squillace Scourge! So lets take a look at this incredible card in all its beauty!


This card is a triple creature type! The first of its kind in the game of Kaijudo and it is an evolution Corrupted, Leviathan, Chimera, and being so, it can evolve on any of the such. But it takes the best advantage of cards in this deck like the aforementioned King Barnacle and other cards like Scaradorable of Gloom Hollow. This card is a five costing Water/Darkness Multi Civilization with nine thousand power and is a double breaker as well! But its true deadliness is its Crushing Assault ability which states all your corrupted creatures can’t be blocked and have slayer which includes Vicious Squillace Scourge himself! This card also being a leviathan can take advantage of King Corals Tail Smash ability as well! Plus, with it being an evolution creature, it can attack the turn it enters the battle zone and cannot be stopped by anything but shield triggers! A great way in fact to prevent this villainous card from beating you down and also happens to be a shield trigger is our final Invasion Earth Tech Of The Deck!

!Sunmote Field!


This seven costing mono light shield blast has some amazing and, in my opinion, very underrated potential! This card states until the start of your next turn, creatures can’t attack you (they can still attack your creatures). This card, plain and simple, either as a hard cast or shield blast gives you another turn no matter what. There are so few cards in Kaijudo that can do this that I consider it an invaluable resource in which I urge you all to partake in. Need more convincing? Getting a extra turn isn’t enough? How about much like another favorite mono light shield blast I enjoy; Stormspark Blast. This card does not target a specific creature! It also does not target the creatures on the board! It just says to your opponent, “look I appreciate the effort you’re putting in, that’s a big scary monster you have and all, but relax, take a break, you can’t attack me with what you have or what you play this turn. Nice effort though. I’m just gonna play this game changing Andromeda of The Citadel. No biggie. Pay it no attention.” Thanks Sunmote Field you were a real bro!

Thanks for taking the time to read this and please always feel free to leave your feedback! Until next time, keep your eyes open for more news, articles, and updates from “The Best Place In Gaming” Kirwans Game Store!

Sincerely, Joshua Kruse

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