Leaving a Legacy: U/W Stoneblade at Mythic Games By Alex Stratton

Hello once again. In case you missed last weeks article, you can find it here. I would advise reading this before you read anything else by me so you have some sort of background information. So with that in mind, lets continue. So two weeks ago I attended a legacy 1k event at Mythic games in Elmira, NY. This store is nearly three hours from my home in Schenectady, NY, but it ended up being well worth the trip.
I played a U/W Stoneblade list which is an archetype I am very familiar with and have succeeded with in the past.

This decks main win condition is a Stoneforge Mystic finding a Batterskull to cheat into play, or finding a utility equipment for a True-name Nemesis to hold and deliver the beats with. You can also win with your other creatures, or the powerful Planeswalker Jace, the Mind Sculpter’s final ability. This deck was designed by a great friend of mine and expert legacy player, Jeremy Tibbetts. Jeremy is known for finding the best Stoneforge mystic deck in the format and giving it to competent players to pilot. This can be seen by Jared Boettcher’s success with a U/W/R Stoneblade deck at a Star City Games Legacy event, hence the name for non-black Stoneblade decks of “Boettcher Blade”.

Prior to this event I was determined to make a decent finish and get out of the “slump” that all magic players get in at times in their retrospective ventures. My preparation for this event consisted of testing legacy at local 518 hub Flipside Gaming, as well as testing with friends and discussing card choices. I was able to test with legacy players such as Eric Deluca, Mark Lanzafame, and Mr.Legacy: Jeremy Tibbetts. These players have been inspirations and idols to me over the years for the legacy format, and for magic in general. Lets also not forget about my friend Curtis Dittmar who I carpooled with to the event. Curtis played a Storm variant and Top 16ed the event winning some difficult match-ups. Without him I may not have been able to go to the event because of: 1. Not knowing where the venue is, and 2. Going somewhere three hours away alone is expensive. When we arrived at Mythic Games we were greeted with over 50 legacy players all with the same hope as us, taking the tournament down. We submitted our decklists and parted our separate ways and sat down for what we knew would be a long day, and a long ride back.

Round 1- Bruce Adam with Sneak and Show
Sneak and Show is typically a very good match-up for the Stoneblade deck as our opponents usually give us time to assemble a reasonable hand and then attempt to combo. However, Bruce played this match-up very aggressively and ran his combo right out and was able to catch me off guard multiple times in the match. Game 1 started with us both keeping our hands (I was not so happy about it). Bruce was able to cantrip multiple times and drive a Griselbrand right on to the field through my counterspell light hand. I was able to swords it but the Demon drew its controller seven cards. This was to much for me as Bruce now had all the answers leaving me down a game. For this match-up I sideboarded in all of my counterspells, as well as my meddling mage’s, my Vendillion Clique, and my Detention Sphere. Game 2; I kept another counterspell light hand but was able to resolve a Stoneforge Mystic and go on the aggressive and was able to push through the resolved Griselbrand with Swords to Plowshares and make quick work of this game. Game 3 I drew the exact hand I wanted to against Sneak and show. The hand the pressure that I wanted, counterspells, and Brainstorm. I was able to get the pressure on quick as in the previous game but had the counterspells to keep Bruce’s combo in check. However Bruce was eventually able to resolve a show and tell, but I was not done playing just yet as Venser, Shaper Savant bounced Emrakul back to his hand.

Venser is great in the match-up as it can bounce a threat and provide pressure. I was able to get there off of my army of creatures and that was it.

Round 2- Hank Mead- Mono U Omni-Tell
I like this match-up a lot more than Sneak and Show and I already like Sneak and show, so that’s saying a lot. Game 1 played out very slow and prolonged with me getting in points of damage in increments of 1 or 2 over the course of the game eventually ending it. I boarded the same way that I did against Bruce the previous round except opted to not bring in Pithing Needle as it does not have nearly as many targets in this match-ups. Game 2 was extremely close as Hank piloted his perfectly and put himself into a position where he could resolve a show and tell. However I had also played very well and had sandbagged a detention sphere for the Omniscience that came down. I was then able to assemble an army of 2 Meddling Mage’s naming each of Hank’s combo pieces.

Meddling Mage was fantastic in this match-up and I was able to catch him off-guard with my one in the main-board(Thanks Jeremy!). We shook hands and that was it. Two Combo decks down.

Round 3- Ed Demicco- U/R Delver “Aka” Eli Kassis Special

After winning two in a row I was starting to attract some attention and I noticed Ed was good friends with Eli Kassis and they were at the top tables together. This made me very weary of Ed as Eli is a fantastic player that has been on the Pro Tour multiple times and a local legend. Game 1 was a blur for me as I lost very quickly to Delver of Secrets while not having a answer resolve. I sideboarded like I usually do against delver decks as I brought in path to exile, supreme verdict, and 1 copy of Flusterstorm. Game two was one of the closest games I have played in a long time. It started off with Ed having multiple copies of Young Pyromancer while I had an early Stoneforge for Batterskull and was able to keep tempo with him. However the Batterskull was soon to be smashed to smithereens as Ed was certain that the game was his. I untapped and tapped out for Supreme Verdict clearing the board and passed the turn. Ed was able to built a board back up again, but it was met by my second copy of Verdict from the sideboard. I was able to Land a True-name Nemesis, and that was it for game two. Game 3 was also very close and consisted mostly of top-decks. It started off similar to game 2 in the Board vs Verdict battle, but this time I was able to land multiple Stoneforges and was able to equip the nearly perfect equipment to the matchup on the stoneforge.

sword of fire n ice

The game quickly came to an end as Ed could not find a bolt to put at my face or a smash to smithereens for the Sword of Fire and Ice.


Round 4- Steven Thompson- Elves

Steve was a really cool guy with a pretty pimp cards including mis-cut cards, foil Gaea’s Cradle, and many more. Game 1 went the typical way as it does against elves when you lack swords to plowshares, a quick victory for steve. In game two a brought in Supreme Verdict as well as Pithing Needle. Needle showed its worth right away in game 2 as it was used to disable a Deathrite Shaman and slow Steve down substantially. I was able to land a Verdict and wipe his board. I then got going with a Umezawa’s Jitte and picked his creatures off one by one. This ended game 2 after a few passes of the turns and Steve drawing lands while under pressure. Game 3 was fairly sad for Steve as he was stuck on only a Gaea’s cradle on a mulligan to five. This game was over in about two minutes as Stoneforge got Batterskull and went to town.


Round 5 + 6- Draws

4-0-2  2nd Seed in Top 8

At this point a draw was offered to all players allowing me to walk away from the tournament early with a nice amount of credit, and the chance to purchase the Chains of Mephistopheles that I had stopped earlier in the case, as well as 2 foil spell pierces and a toxic deluge. I believe that this split worked well for me as I would’ve had to play against U/W miracles first round of top 8. This matchup is very draw dependent and not where I want to be when playing Stoneblade. So overall I was really happy with this tournament finish and even got the trophy as a result of a die roll made in the split. Nothing is better than playing your favorite format, meeting new people, and winning while doing it.

alex wins

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