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“Why do you play Magic the Gathering?”

As a player there is hopefully many variables that drive you to want to succeed at the game as well as many other reasons why you enjoy traveling to many other cities and different venues to “sling cardboard spells and be a wizard.”

The common answer to the posed question, “…is to win,” and also “…to make money.” However, that isn’t just the end all be all of why you hopefully travel.

This past weekend Syracuse, New York, not quite my hometown, but a 40 minute trip from my home played host to the Open series.

Myself, for the event played host to Rudy, Linsey of Hurley Burley alters, Luis Alfonso, Jesse Grogan, his brother Will, Robert Pompa, and Paul “Frodo” Muller. I also had some local players hang out and test at my house in preparation for the Star City Games open.

Before I go on, I would like to congratulate Jesse on his 2nd place finish in the Open Series main event and Rudy on his top 8 of the modern premier event. As well as congratulation to local Stephen Rice on his 6th place finish in the event, and grinder and friend Brandon Pascal on placing 15th in a well over 400 player event.

Winning is a very human drive, no one wakes up in the morning and says, “I can’t wait to lose this event today,” unless they have a self esteem issue of course. Winning in our culture may be more American than that Apple pie.

However, how we cope with coming up short is what shows our true conviction to better our self, the thing that should drive us to strive higher. Not, the thing that should cause us anguish. It is okay to feel disappointment in not achieving that coveted top 8, or hoisting that trophy when all is said and done. But, as players we should not harp on it. We should not let it torture us. But, instead embrace it. Let us drive us to analyze the errors we made, to better our self so when we do hoist that trophy. That we know it was through hard work and ups and down that got us here. That it was our true conviction that made it worthy.

Despite a 5-4 record, a single loss from claiming day two. I had the opportunity to lose to a fellow friend Derek (a Kirwan Game Store local) and a new friend Chris. The game for me, though a competition, is a network of new friends and old. A community of like minded individuals who love this game and travel to play. A community of nomads, who’s bonds are forged in not only playing, trading and traveling together but, a community of peers we can lean on to talk about everyday things. Look to congratulate when they succeed, comfort, and encourage when a disappointing lost occur. To venture to new places and try new foods. For me this isn’t a game, but more than that. It is a lifestyle choice.

Thanks to all magicians who came out to battle, may you be local or not.

I leave you with this food for thought, think about who you are as a player? Why do you play this game? In the game of life, what would your flavor text read?

Thanks for reading, please feel free to leave questions and comments. I will be posting videos coming soon of many brews. You can catch me on

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