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Dragons are scary mythical creatures, some that breath fire, and some ice. But, you know what is scarier than a Fire/Ice breathing dragon. Well a Chromanticore riding that dragon of course.

This week, I was struggling with myself. I had four lists that I thought were worthy of jamming with in this new standard. However, there was one major snafu, which list will I actually play. Faced with a tough choice, I turned to Facebook to help me decide. Facebook responded with a overwhelming favorite in Soulflayer.

From the ashes like the feral Phoenix it has been reborn into the soul of the Dragonlord. The clear winner in the vote was Soulflayer. But, as my friends always tell me I am a madman. So what does a mad man do? It is simple he combines all 4 decks into one functioning 75. I present you with a Blacksplash special; Dragonflayer.

Love the idea of this deck? Copy and paste it into this link to purchase!

Den Protector - Dragons of Tarkir

Den Protector – Dragons of Tarkir

No, I am not a madman, well maybe a little. But, I am a player who likes to take risk. The reasoning behind the merge of all four of the decks is due to the fact that it allows us to be a midrange deck that goes bigger than other mid range. While, also having a decent aggro matchup. The board allows us to switch into complete control, while having a mana base that facilitates all of these game plans.

As I wrote about prior, in the article about the pile. The enablers are the same. But, what this version offers that the other list didn’t is more finishers. The Dragons are powerful enough to close out the game by themselves. While Den Protector (eternal Witness 2.0) allows for us to not only return needed threats and answers to our hands. It also turns Fearsome Awakening, into a pseudo unburial rites.

I leave you with this.


Thanks for reading, please feel free to leave questions and comments. I will be posting videos coming soon of many brews. You can catch me on twitch.tv/jastar13.

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