A Hero’s Downfall

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Star date 08.23.2015

A call to battle. A swift defeat.

We gathered our supplies and crew members and departed. Our destination was Somerset New Jersey. Morale was high. We were ready for the day ahead.

We arrived at the inn. The lady behind the desk greeted us and we incurred about our reservation. She couldn’t find it under the name given. We had forgotten that Larry Daniels had booked the room for us. I had a question mark pop up over my head along with the rest of my crew. Who was Larry Daniels? My first mate took out his navigational/communications device and confirmed the reservation.

We got into the room and dropped our stuff off. My first mate discovered undergarments in the washroom along with a few other belongings in the room. Larry left us a few presents. We spoke with the front desk again and received a new room.

We headed to the arena to prepare for battle. We greeted our friends and our enemies. The room was flowing with people. Last minute preparations and changes.

Battle commenced beginning with legacy.

After 8 rounds of battle we ended the day with 4 wins and 4 losses. Not enough to gain entry to the next day. We had some good fights but rather than recap each grindy round we decided to recap the day.

*Achievements Unlocked*
Can’t Stop the Mountain Menace (Lose to Mountain into Monastery Swiftspear in two separate formats)
Who Needs 7 When You Can Have 5? (Win a game on a mulligan to 5 while not playing a combo deck)
What Just Happened? (Lose a game when you draw multiple hate cards)
2 Stones 1 Bird (Lose a bad match-up piloted by a pro player)

Captain Sarang

Tilt Percentage: 25


Star date 08.29.2015

Deja Vu.

I arose earlier than the rest of the crew, not wanting to disturb them and allow them to rest longer for their escapades on this day I left our room. I wanted to the front desk where the same two ladies were working. I inquired about the nearest Dunkin Donuts location. We spoke about where it was and how I got there. I even referenced my navigational/communication device. It only took me 3 tries to find the correct direction. 1.5 hours later I was there and back with food and coffee in my system.

I decided to try my hand at the Open. ATM in the arena won’t read the card I have all my gold in so I borrow entry from a friend. I elected to travel lightly for this expecting to gain entrance to the second day of competition so I needed not bring extra supplies. I was mistaken. I missed my Stormbreath Dragons.

After many hours of battle I found myself at 5-3-1 again missing an invitation to the second day of competition for this event. Twice paired against a gentlemen with a keen devotion to Plains and neither experience was favored. Stormbreath Dragon….. oh how I missed thee.

We gathered at a local dining establishment. We had invited some friends. They eventually found their way to another location and had abandoned us. We enjoyed some delicious burgers and returned to our room.

*Achievements Unlocked*
Do You Even Attack? (Miss an on board lethal attack and lose that game)
Sneaky Sneaky (Bestow a creature for a lethal attack)
Archangel of Whattt? (Receive two losses and or draws to the deck playing Archangel of Tithes)
So Nice We Did it Twice (Lose two win and ins)

Captain Sarang

Tilt Percentage: 55



Star date 08.30.2015

The Final Day of Our Voyage.

I awake with the rest of the crew. One of them has made the second day of competition for the Open so we depart for supplies (Dunkin Donuts) while our crewman heads to the arena. On our way our we inquire about our complimentary sweet. The front desk declines and informs us that only people checking in are entitled to the sweets. The ATM at Dunkin works. I gain enough gold for expenses for the trip, entry for the day prior, and today.

Entered into the Legacy Premier IQ. Prepared for battle with a minor change more for the fun rather than effectiveness. I added Jace, Vryn’s Prodigy to the roster.

First mate enters into the Modern Premier IQ. I have been defeated at this point already.

I have picked up enough defeats at this point that I decide to drop. I know multiple friends that are playing for top 8 and some who have cashed the Open. The first mate and I both dropped from our events and we begin our departure. We stop for nourishment at the King of Burgers. The burgers were acceptable but no where near the “king” status their name claimed. The ride home contained the drunken (in the tired/mentally drained sense) ramblings of three people trying to figure out something to play in Legacy. We stumbled upon a few things that seem really good. Maybe some of the ramblings brought something to light. We don’t know currently.

*Achievements Unlocked*
Not So Teenage Wasteland (Play against an opponent who draws all 4 Wastelands)
Top and Drop (Be defeated by an opponent who decides to drop later to do something else)
My Kingdom for a Forest (Lose to Manaless Dredge after playing a turn 1 Deathrite Shaman because you don’t have the green source)
Tar Pit the Creeper (Defeat a Storm player after they Empty the Warrens for 30+ Goblins while at 3 life)
Third Time is the Charm (Get knocked out of contention in three separate tournaments)
Wanna Go Fishing? (Defeat Merfolk twice in one tournament)
Please refrain from Nudging the Machine (Achieve 70+% tilt in one weekend.)
The Dark Side Does Not In Fact Have Cookies (Get denied your complementary cookie by the Double Tree Hotel)

Captain Sarang

Tilt Percentage: 80
First mates Tilt Percentage: 20


Hey everyone!

I just wanted to give a recap of my Invitational weekend without the boring round by round explanation. I tried touching on the important parts in the achievements sections. Hopefully you were able to read this and enjoy it! I did not enjoy this weekend for many reasons. I had some stuff weighing on my mind before it even started. I also had much higher expectations before going into it and not meeting those was what really started me down the wrong path. The problem this weekend was that it was actually a super fun weekend and not being able to enjoy it really opened my eyes to a few things.

  1. Magic is a fun game. Win, Lose, or Draw having some fun is key.
  2. Try not to set your expectations too high. Not meeting them can really throw off your whole weekend.
  3. Sometimes you have to hang up the towel for a bit.

At this point, I am playing in a PPTQ on 9/12 at my local shop. The cost is $10 so I really can’t pass up the chance at a basically free entry to the RPTQ. After this past weekend, it has been decided that I am going to step away from playing Magic for a while. I have a few things that I need to get into order and I really don’t have the current funding or mindset at this time. I may still attend a BFZ pre-release. I mean have you seen those lands? Sure your chances are abysmal at opening one but that wont stop anyone from buying fat packs upon boxes upon cases of the stuff. Those lands thou!

One thing that I would really like to touch on is how thankful I am for the friends I have made in this game. The people who have supported my terrible habit. Lending me cards, whole legacy decks, lending me money, and helping me out with choices of deck and sideboard. I would go through the names but that would probably honestly require its own article.

Thank you everyone!

Stay Humble and Hungry.

Tilt Percentage: 95

I conceded in the finals of the PPTQ taking a large portion of the additional prize. I learned far later than I should have that the RPTQ still has no location, no locked date (sometime in February), and no locked promo. I was under the assumption that it would be around the December-January time and it was still a Liliana of the Veil promo. I am probably unable to attend so I conceded to my opponent but I feel bad for my semi final opponent Phillip Bertorelli because had I known this information before our round I would have conceded to him and let him have a shot at the finals. Sorry Phil….

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