Monastery Mentor in Standard

Andrea Biaggi

Monastery Mentor - Fate Reforged

Monastery Mentor – Fate Reforged

“Speak little. Do much.”

This is by far my favorite card in Magic: The Gathering. Almost every day I think about how to use Monastery Mentor in a deck.

To make a Mentor deck work you need to have few card types for having a successful Mentor deck.

Here are few decklists that are in consideration for me to play at the SCG Invitational in Las Vegas.

Pros: The match ups vs midrange and control are pretty good.
Cons: Needs 4 mana to function properly. The lack of cheap removal makes the match up vs aggro decks really hard.

Pros: Lot of strong cards, good match up vs aggro decks.
Cons: Being mainly white for Monastery Mentor and Gideon, Ally of Zendikar makes the mana base sub optimal. I encountered several losses due to mana issues.

Pros: Really powerful when it works. Really good against aggressive and midrange decks.
Cons: Suffers against removal heavy decks. Relying on the combo to win makes this deck really volatile and draw dependent.

Pros: Consistent and no mana issues.
Cons: Not powerful enough in a landscape populated by 3 or 4 color decks with more powerful spells.

Pros: Really powerful, consistent and good match ups against most of the field.
Cons: Grindy and slow to win.

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