Tibalt Sparta!

Andrea Biaggi

This is a modern deck built trying to take advantage of Tibalt, the Fiend-Blooded abilities.
Discarding a card at random can be seen as a downside, but what if we take advantage of discarding cards?
This deck takes advantage of 2 themes that are enabled by Tibalt: Madness and Graveyard Matters.
I want to preface that this deck is not competitive, but in testing with it I was able to win games against Tier 1 decks.

Madness options

  • Big Game Hunter, Brain Gorgers, Grave Scrabbler: Unimpressive creatures with not relevant abilities for modern.
  • Call to the Netherworld is a possible sideboard card if you expect a meta with lots of creatures, but the only black restriction is not what we want in a mainly red deck.
  • Dark Withering is a Madness Doom Blade for only a single black mana. I like this type of effect in a madness deck.
  • Fiery Temper a sweet Lightning Bolt when madness cost is paid.
  • Gibbering Descent is not a card I would like in this deck, but I would like to build some lists around it in the future.
  • Gorgon Recluse’s madness price make it hard to cast in the deck.
  • Ichor Slick madness cost is too high for giving a creature -3/-3
  • Muck Drubb and Reckless Wurm are nice card to consider ad part of the madness suite of creatures.
  • Nightshade Assassin would be a great card, but, similar to Gorgon Recluse, the deck needs to be mainly red to consider this card as an option
  • I really like Psychotic Episode as a sideboard card. While testing, this card has been an MVP against combo decks out of the board.

Graveyard matters options
There are many options as graveyard matters. My first thought went to Life from the Loam for a dredge like strategy. I have consider it and test it. I like it. But for this deck I have only considered Red and Black as colors.
The cards to be considered in this group of spells are spells that you don’t mind to discard or to “lose” to the Tibalt’s +1 ability.

There are several discard enablers. I just want to touch to the few I considered for this deck and why they have been chosen or discarded.

  • Tibalt, the Fiend-Blooded
  • Faithless Looting, probably the best discard enabler that lets you loot to the best cards to cast.
  • I am a big fan of Gathan Raiders, a morph that enables madness and in the late game is a 5/5.
  • Lightning Axe is a fine 5 damage kill spell at instant speed that enables madness. You can 2 for 1 your opponents if they don’t expect it, and they will not expect it.
  • Avatar of Discord was considered as an option, but the 3 mana cost and discarding 2 cards doesn’t allow you to take advantage of madness too much

Utility and Sideboard options

The “final” deck

See you at the next brew!!

Andrea – Karn’s Blueprints
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