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Hello Everyone!

It has been a while since I have written an article. The last one was October 29th to be exact. But I am coming back and will hopefully be more active here.

Next thing I will touch on is the name. Falcon? Why not Eagle? Or Hawk? Where did I get falcon from? Well at a tournament one time someone referred to me as the Falcon and I looked at them slightly perplexed. But then they told me where it came from and we all got a good laugh.


Take a look at Peregrine Falcon. Then look at my last name. Then back at Peregrine. Then back at Peragine. At the bird, then back at me. Yeah, this is how most of my nicknames are made.

There are also some MTG cards with the name in them. Peregrine Griffin, Peregrine Drake, Peregrine mask, and Peregrination.

  • I’m super sad Griffin isn’t Falcon.
  • I really thought Griffin was Falcon.
  • Maybe we should petition to have Wizards make a Peregrine Falcon card…

I have been on quite the downswing in regards to Magic. So many real life things have been happening that I just haven’t really been playing as much. But I haven’t missed the opportunity to jam a few PPTQs. I have two top 8 finishes out of three attended. The one I didn’t top 8 I was playing Mardu Green which was well positioned but misplays on my part lead to a 2-2 start and I wasn’t entirely up to fighting my way out of that so me and my buddy decided to take our mediocre starts elsewhere (Cici’s Pizza and Pasta).

This past weekend I lost in the semi finals of a PPTQ playing Grixis Dragons.

I have the deck on MTGO and I have been crushing leagues with the deck. Three straight 4-1 finishes and in the most recent one my W-L was 9-3. I only lost 3 games in 5 matches. The deck does powerful things. It flies and it can kill your opponent quickly. It is proactive and the mana base is actually surprisingly great. I included a 26th land over the Pia and Kiran Nalarr because I was still having mana issues. I played the Fun of Wandering Fumarole this land gave me another blue source and something to do with my mana which I felt was needed. Some people have played the 4th Polluted Delta and the 3rd Haven of the Spirit Dragon but I was feeling great and wanted to give it a run.

The strong points of the deck are: That most decks are currently very soft to fliers. Wrath effects are at an all time low. It has a great Rally matchup. It plays very well against Reflector Mage. The only creatures that don’t play well against it are Hangarback Walker. Everything else is generating tokens, giving me an edict effect, or dealing them more damage. The deck can kill your opponent on turn 5.

I have been playing a version of this deck for a while now and I can easily state that this is the best version. The addition of the Eldrazi creatures have gone leaps and bounds past what the deck was capable of before. Bearer of Silence has given us another premium 2 drop as well as another 4 drop. Long gone are the turns of playing spells while holding up a Draconic Roar hoping for a favorable attack or block to kill a bigger creature. Now we can play a 2/1 flier and edict our opponents creature.

But the real MVP of this Deck is Eldrazi Skyspawner. This card has single-handedly made this deck tier 1 in my personal opinion. Skyspawner opens up so many more lines of play that I always love casting it on turn 3. I can cast Skyspawner and then:

  • Cast a turn 4 Kolaghan
  • Cast a Thunderbreak Regent on turn 4 while missing a land drop
  • Cast a Thopter Engineer and a Draconic Roar on turn 4.
  • Cast any of your spells while missing your land drops

This creature helps to take one of the issues out of the deck. It helps fix the mana screw that you can see in this deck. The Havens, Hangarbacks, Fumarole, and big dragons are there for the flooding. The Eldrazi creatures are really taking over.

I heard multiple times over the past month and during the course of the tournament that not playing Collected Company was basically neutering your chances at winning. While I agree that the card is very powerful I disagree that the only decks you should be playing are ones with that card. You still have bad matchups and you can still be beaten. I would know because I have been handing out losses for a while now.

At the PPTQ I was 4-0 going into the last two rounds hoping to double draw. Unluckily there were no other 4-0 opponents everyone else had a draw already and I was forced to play round 5 versus the eventually winner on Grixis Control.  I drew round 6 and was 4th seed going into top 8.

I defeated an Abzan Eldrazi opponent in the quarterfinals and lost to Jeremy Langevin on Jeskai Black. Games 1 and 2 Versus Jeremy were solid games. Game 3 I missed my 3rd and 4th land drop for too many turns and Jeremy was able to take advantage of that and assemble Soulfire, mana, and Crackling Doom to soft lock me out of the game. It was a good match and he played very well. Congratulations to the winner Takura Blaise. His Grixis Control deck was a very good meta call and I would recommend playing that as well. (If you can afford Kalitas, Chandra, and Jace that is.)

Also all of my opponents were great to play against and it was a great tournament. I am thankful and feel blessed for the great run. Depending on how things go from here I might start attending more tournaments. If so I hope to see you there.

Thanks for reading!

Stay Humble and Stay Hungry


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