Modern after Sword of the Meek and Ancestral Vision unbanning

Andrea Biaggi

New exciting cards have been unbanned in Modern: Sword of the Meek and Ancestral Vision. Also I believe that Thing in the Ice will be a major player in the upcoming modern metagame.

Ancestral Vision is a powerful draw spell, but it has the drawback of taking 4 turns before being available. I can see this card in a shell with Jace, Vryn’s Prodigy and Goblin Dark-Dweller. Jace allows you to discard the extra copies and Dark Dwellers allows you to cast it for free from the graveyard.

Sword of the Meek will see play in control shells (most likely Blue White, with Ancestral Vision) or in Tezzerator decks. You can see my article about Blue-Black Tezzerator here: Blue Black Tezzerator

Thing in the Ice, most likely, will see play in existing decks where several spells and cantrips are cast. I think the best shells are Delver or Monastery Mentor style decks.

I think that Ricochet Trap will be a good sideboard card with Ancestral Vision and blue decks in the metagame. You can redirect Ancestral Vision to yourself to draw 3 card for only one red mana, or get a counterspell out of our blue opponent.

Thing in the Ice + Ancestral Visions

Here are few decks ideas


Chasm Skulker, another horror was in consideration for this deck as well, but I think that bouncing back the Snapcaster Mages is more valuable.

Sword of the Meek

You can see my previous article about Blue Black Tezzerator here: Blue Black Tezzerator

Sword of the meek can be used in a control shell. I think it will be tried as a win condition in a Blue White deck in the future. But I want to share a Thopter Spy Network list that might help the deck with card draw when your thopters deal damage.

Happy new Modern!!!

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