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Hey Everyone!

I am back! What a weekend we had. Full of magic, misfortune, and just a plain old good time. I have a few things to talk about so I hope you will join me on this journey.

This is the Grixis deck I piloted to a sub par record at a PPTQ:

All of you might look at this list and think a lot of things. Probably like:
“Why are there no counterspells mainboard?”
“Where are your Tasigur, the Golden Fang’s and Gurmag Anglers?”
“Is Liliana, the Last Hope better than Liliana of the Veil?”
“What does River of Tears even do?”

Let me tell you, those are some really valid questions. I personally don’t like moderns suite of counter magic. The Delve creatures hurt your Jace, Snapcaster, and Bedlam Reveler so the conclusion was those cards over the black delve spells. YES! A large resounding yes. Last hope is so much better in this deck because the amount of recursion in your deck is outrageous. You have Jace, Lily, Snapcaster, Kolaghan’s Command, Shriekmaw, Thought Scour, and Bedlam Reveler. River of Tears makes you cry every time you play it. Its one of those odd lands that makes you work for it.



I’m writing this the Monday after all of this happened. But I had a great weekend of jamming all of my favorite modern cards. To those of you who know me that means I played Jund. I love other modern decks. The decks that are viable to me are awesome but nothing comes close to Jund. I played in a PPTQ on Saturday with more than 33 people and I ended up in the top 8 piloting Bard Narsons (Brad Nelson) Jund deck he posted recently. Abzan having the edge in the mirror was something that I was thinking about the entire time of what deck to pick for this weekend. When Brad posted this list and put up the claims that Jund was still better than Abzan I knew what I needed to do.

When in doubt Jund em out.
Jund’s out, Guns out.
Junday, Junday, Junday

So I decided to test Brad’s list at the PPTQ. I made a few changes to the sideboard because there were 0 ways to beat Burn and that’s not the way to win a PPTQ. I ended up playing against Burn and the changes I made were correct. I was 4-1-1 after the swiss. My only loss coming to the mirror where my opponent was much more prepared for it than I was.

In the top 8 I found myself matched up against Bryan Gottlieb. For anyone who doesn’t know him he was someone that was regularly on the pro tour even just recently. I had seen him playing Jund himself and knew this was going to be a close one. I hit him with a discard spell turn 1 and saw no red lands and a Lingering Souls. Slightly confused I took a spell and passed the turn back. I played a turn 2 Dark Confidant and he untaps, mulls over his land drop for a second, then he plays a Blackcleave Cliffs and Terminates my Bob. Neither of which I saw from the T1 discard (I was on the play). Lingering Souls Jund? That had my interest piqued. I remember Jacob Wilson’s list from the MOCS. I found some lists and spoke to some friends about it and we agreed that it was the best list to be on for the WMCQ on Sunday.

My WMCQ report is simply that the deck was a fantastic choice, but I played only slightly above average and it was entirely on me that I ended up going 6-3. I am sad that I wasn’t able to compete for the top 8, but I am not all that sad that I didn’t win. I truly believe that I am not someone who should be representing the US at the World Magic Cup and my play that day reflected that. Congratulations to Daniel Ward for his top 8 finish and a big wholehearted congrats to Kevin “the Daddy” Jones for winning the event. It is always fantastic to see your friends do well at events and I believe the social media uproar after Kevin’s victory made it all worth it. Kevin missed his flight to Orlando. Then he goes and wins the WMCQ. It was destiny ladies and gentlemen, nothing could stop the newly crowned “American Daddy” congrats and good luck Kevin, I know you will do us all proud. #makeAmericaDaddyagain

The return trip was probably the most fantastic part of the whole thing (minus the Kevin Jones social media posts of course). Driving back to Albany to drop most of our passengers off, we ended up running out of gas. Our driver started pulling off to the side of the road and we all assumed there was an exit coming up. Okay, no big deal, right? He says, “We’re out of gas!” I look dashboard and the gas gauge is on “E”. That is usually the spot on the gauge where your car is telling you, “Hey buddy, it’s time to start thinking about fueling up.” So we all thought he was joking and played along by raising our phones with the gas station locator app. To which he responds with, “No, we’re like foot to the floor out of gas.” It ended up being a great time and we made the best out of it. Only losing an hour and a good chunk of money, we got back on the road giving our driver his fair share of ridicule.

Overall it was a fantastic weekend and I would run my list back in a heartbeat. I ended the weekend 10-4-1 which is a pretty good record when you look at it. Here is the list I played to 6-3 at the WMCQ:

This list was great and I would fully advocate running it. You are much softer to Blood Moon but with Grim Flayer you are able to get through your deck quicker and find your basics or answers to the card. I am 100% on the Grim Flayer train after playing him over the weekend. I cannot say which camp I currently reside in when we start taking Dark Confidant into the mix, but hopefully I can find the happy medium I am dreaming of.

Thanks for reading and good luck at the prerelease this weekend!

Stay humble and hungry

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