All In Madcap Moon

Hello everyone!
Today I’m bringing you a sweet All In Madcap Experiment and Blood Moon deck.

The combo in the deck is to cast Madcap Experiment and have only 1 artifact in your deck in Platinum Emperion. Platinum Emperion prevents you to take damage from Madcap Experiment.

Madcap ExperimentPlatinum Emperion

I don’t know who the creator of this archetype is, but the first time I saw it in action was from a friend of mine at GP Dallas – Fort Worth. He did great at the GP. He was 12-1 with 2 win-and-in rounds to go. Unluckily he lost both matches. The first one to BBD on Dredge and the last round to Skred-Red (the Blood Moon mirror).

Here is the list Dylan played at the GP:

After that GP, I thought that interest on the deck died down. But recently Gerard Fabiano played the deck in the Modern Unified GP San Antonio. Him and his team got 3rd place in the event. He played a revisited version of Dylan’s deck. Some numbers are really interesting (only 2 Madcap Experiment, 1 Mana Leak and only 2 Blood Moon).

This is the list Gerard played at the GP:

After GP San Antonio and discussing with Dylan, I got interested in trying out the deck. While I enjoyed a lot to play the updated version of Dylan’s Madcap Moon, I decided to try out an ALL IN version of the deck.
This deck has:

All In Madcap Moon:

Here are the pro/cons of this version over the Blue Red version:
Good: This version is faster and more reliable to get the Moon or the Emperion combo.
Bad: Not having access to Cryptic Command to push damage through and not having access to Snapcaster Mage will make the games go long and give your opponent the chance to have enough blockers that you cannot attack and win.

Keep brewing!
– Andrea

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