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Welcome back to the next installation of the Falcon Fly By!

Today I want to talk about how much I enjoy doing ridiculous things in Magic: The Gathering. I absolutely love it. Outside of winning matches it’s my favorite thing to do.

I’ve gone from playing extra copies of Mulch and Borborygmos Enraged in my Unburial Rites decks.


To playing 1 of Jund Aggro, where I had a single copy of every non-land card in the deck. Some notables from that deck included: Rakdos Cackler, Experiment One, Scavenging Ooze, Burning-Tree Emissary, Varolz, the Scar-Striped, and Falkenrath Aristocrat.

To playing Myth Realized in a U/W control deck with Gideon, Ally of Zendikar and blue draw/counter magic.

Myth Realized

All the way to playing R/B Dragons in Modern. Thunderbreak Regent and Kolaghan, the Storm’s Fury are very powerful cards that don’t die to many things in modern, and with disruption Goblin Rabblemaster, can take over games by himself.

Kolaghan, the Storm’s FuryGoblin Rabblemaster

Today we come here to see a few of the idea’s that we have for Modern, Legacy, and the upcoming Standard format! I am going to start with Modern, move to Legacy, and then finish with Standard.


I have an unhealthy desire to play Myth Realized. I realize along with all of the Fatal Pushes and Abrupt Decays in a room this isn’t exactly the best idea. With all of the discard and the fact that it is simply an enchantment until you activate it, allows us to play around some of the removal floating around a room. Along with the fact that each of your spells nets you something else with Monastery Mentor and Myth Realized, you aren’t simply trading 1 for 1 when casting each of your spells. Your planeswalkers will also help disrupt their hand and generate a lot of long term value. Lingering Souls is just an auto include in any deck that can cast either side of the spell and is looking for value. In this deck with Gideon’s emblem giving all creatures +1/+1 and Vault of the archangel giving lifelink and deathtouch they can turn any race into a nightmare for your opponent.

Mishra’s Bauble may look a bit out of place but it really helps this deck draw a few more cards and trigger the non creature spell clauses on Myth Realized and Monastery Mentor on the turn that you play them opening you up to play around discard and counter magic a little more. It’s very possible that we play cards like Slaughter Pact as well. The biggest issue with that is the current format is full of black creatures so the card would be very inefficient. It would probably be an auto include in the sideboard as well as Kalitas, Traitor of Ghet because of all of our cheap interaction. Having the black catch all discard spells and white sideboard cards we should have a very powerful deck here. I look forward to getting this together and playing some awesome games with it.


I was really struggling to figure out what I wanted to play this past weekend. Punishing Jund and I were not doing well online (mostly my fault). So I started searching for Underground Seas. The next thing in line for me was Shardless BUG, but that deck has morphed into Sultai Control mostly. Either way I needed Underground Seas. I could only barely scrape together 2. I needed at least 3 so I really pondered my choices. “How bad would it be to play 1 Watery Grave?” That question morphed into, “Can we play Death’s Shadow in Legacy?” From there we remembered that Gitaxian Probe isn’t banned in that format. We also have the incidental life loss from Force of Will which is a basic auto include in any blue deck as well as Thoughtseize. My first deck building wall came in the form of, “What is our Temur Battle Rage? Should we play some red sources for Ghor-Clan Rampager or Temur Battle Rage? Is there a BUG colored spell that does it better?” One gatherer search later and we found Berserk. Boom! Problem solved. It even costs less, allowing us to play less lands with all of our extra free draw spells. Our worst matchups will likely end up being Burn and Death & Taxes. Burn will be able to toss a few spells up top and end most of our games. That is why we are including copies of the actual duals in the deck. We want to be able to play our spells without taking too much damage. The sideboard will be littered with disruption spells. Abrupt Decay, Sylvan Library, True-Name Nemesis, and more discard/counter magic. I really love the idea of playing a deck like this. Nimble Mongoose is very underrated right now and I don’t think anyone will see a Berserk coming from us, allowing for a few free wins in a deck that can see a lot of cards very quickly.

Standard U/G/X Drake Haven

Noose ConstrictorServant of the ConduitDrake HavenBounty of the LuxaRogue Refiner
Tireless TrackerManglehornDissenter’s DeliveranceCensorCurator of Mysteries
Pore over the PagesJust the Wind

This is where I will start when I am putting this deck together. Noose Constrictor and Drake Haven Play very well together. Bounty of the Luxa allows us to draw extra cards and play some of our very important spells for free! Being able to cast our Tireless Trackers, Rouge Refiners, Manglehorns, and even Drake Haven for free are all awesome. This will allow us to play at instant speed while generating value. The servant of the conduit is in there to help us cast our spells early and get to two spells per turn territory quicker as well. Casting a Bounty of the Luxa on turn 3 followed by a free Drake Haven on turn 4 with up to 5 mana available will be very powerful. The issue with this list however is dealing with the two problem childs of the Standard format. We need something else to be able to combat them while we get our own synergies online. From everything I have listed already the best thing we can turn to is countermagic. The bad part about that is everyone has cheap spells that they can sneak in under counterspells. So what I would turn to is another color. The new cycle lands and Cast Out are extremely appealing at first, but the more I look into red, the more excited I get about playing this deck. The potential cards that we can add to our deck is very good.

Fiery TemperLightning AxeNahiri’s WrathHazoret the FerventMagma Spray
Chandra, FlamecallerHarnessed LightningGalvanic BlastShockImplement of Combustion

This list is a great combination of threats and removal. Some of which giving us an outlet to activate our Drake Haven. Hazoret The Fervent, Nahiri’s Wrath, and Lightning Axe all have a discard outlet for us to be able to activate our Drake Haven or get a little value out of our Madness spells, Just the Wind and Fiery Temper. We easily play the red green Bicycle land (l….o….l…) Sheltered Thicket, but I am fairly certain that we play some off color lands as well. Some of the blue/x lands will be fine in this deck as well. Hopefully we will receive the other five lands in the next set.

This is where I am going to start. Maybe we can break the two deck mold of standard. Hopefully you guys enjoyed the brews and you get the urge to test them out! If you happen to make a Drake Haven deck please let me know!

Thanks for reading everyone have a fantastic day and brew away!

As always stay humble and stay hungry!


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