An Introduction to Ringmaster

Today we’re heading to the circus in Ringmaster, Welcome to the Big Top. Designed by Justin Gary, illustrated by Rod Mendez, and published by Ultra Pro and Stoneblade Entertainment. Will you have the brightest stars, the biggest attractions, and the most effective sideshows to succeed under the big top?

Ringmaster is for 2 – 4 players, recommended for ages 13 years and up, and takes around 10-20 minutes to play per game. If you have any questions or would like to learn how to play, please ask a KGS Team member.


Modern Horizons Box Opening

Sam opens up a box of Modern Horizons. The newest set for Magic The Gathering card game. See what he pulls.


MCQ – June 1st – Catskill, NY – Results

Click HERE to watch the Quarter Finals, Semi Finals, and Finals matches on our YouTube Channel.

You can see the top 8 decklists HERE.

Tiny Ninjas Game Review


Have you seen Planet?

We’re introducing you to Planet, designed by Urtis Sulinskas, art by Sabrina Miramon, and published by Blue Orange Games. In Planet you are creating your own world that will eventually host a variety of animals. Can you create the most hospitable continents and attract the most diverse organisms?
Jon and Tony sat down and played PLANET from Blue Orange. Draft continent tiles, build habitats and host life. This unique world-building game is fun for all ages. See how a game plays out.