We Open a Box of Magic’s FIRST EVER Collector Boosters

KGS Team Member, Jon, opens up a box of the brand new Throne of Eldraine Collectors Boosters. See what comes in the box and if it’s right for you.

Jon Opens INSANE Box of Throne of Eldraine – Magic The Gathering New Set

TeamKGS member, Jon, opens up a pretty impressive box of the Magic The Gathering set, Throne of Eldraine.

MCQ – Modern – Sept. 21 Coverage

MCQ – June 1st – Catskill, NY – Results

Click HERE to watch the Quarter Finals, Semi Finals, and Finals matches on our YouTube Channel.

You can see the top 8 decklists HERE.

Ravnica Allegiance Box Opening

Jon opens up a box of the newest Magic the Gathering set, Ravnica Allegiance. See what he got and hear his thoughts on how this set will affect the game.