We Open a Box of Magic’s FIRST EVER Collector Boosters

KGS Team Member, Jon, opens up a box of the brand new Throne of Eldraine Collectors Boosters. See what comes in the box and if it’s right for you.

Jon Opens INSANE Box of Throne of Eldraine – Magic The Gathering New Set

TeamKGS member, Jon, opens up a pretty impressive box of the Magic The Gathering set, Throne of Eldraine.


MCQ – Modern – Sept. 21 Coverage

An Introduction to Tiny Towns

Let’s take a look at Tiny Towns designed by Peter McPherson and published by AEG. You’re the mayor of a small forest civilization area trying to build the most prosperous town. Resources are scarce and space is limited, so you can never say no to a resource and you must plan your town’s layout carefully.

An Introduction to Ramen Fury


Today we looking at Ramen Fury published by Asmodee North America. In Ramen Fury you are trying to eat the tastiest bowls of Ramen before your opponents to score the most points.