An Introduction to LETTER JAM

Welcome to another board game introduction video. Today we’re looking at Letter Jam, designed by Ondra Skoupy and published by CGE. Letter Jam is a cooperative word game where each player is trying to deduce what letters they have and what word they spell.

We Open a Box of Magic’s FIRST EVER Collector Boosters

KGS Team Member, Jon, opens up a box of the brand new Throne of Eldraine Collectors Boosters. See what comes in the box and if it’s right for you.

Jon Opens INSANE Box of Throne of Eldraine – Magic The Gathering New Set

TeamKGS member, Jon, opens up a pretty impressive box of the Magic The Gathering set, Throne of Eldraine.

MCQ – Modern – Sept. 21 Coverage

An Introduction to Tiny Towns


Let’s take a look at Tiny Towns designed by Peter McPherson and published by AEG. You’re the mayor of a small forest civilization area trying to build the most prosperous town. Resources are scarce and space is limited, so you can never say no to a resource and you must plan your town’s layout carefully.