An Introduction to Tiny Towns

Let’s take a look at Tiny Towns designed by Peter McPherson and published by AEG. You’re the mayor of a small forest civilization area trying to build the most prosperous town. Resources are scarce and space is limited, so you can never say no to a resource and you must plan your town’s layout carefully.

An Introduction to Ramen Fury

Today we looking at Ramen Fury published by Asmodee North America. In Ramen Fury you are trying to eat the tastiest bowls of Ramen before your opponents to score the most points.

Tiny Ninjas Game Review

Have you seen Planet?

We’re introducing you to Planet, designed by Urtis Sulinskas, art by Sabrina Miramon, and published by Blue Orange Games. In Planet you are creating your own world that will eventually host a variety of animals. Can you create the most hospitable continents and attract the most diverse organisms?
Jon and Tony sat down and played PLANET from Blue Orange. Draft continent tiles, build habitats and host life. This unique world-building game is fun for all ages. See how a game plays out.


Read. Watch. Play! Ep. 34 – Gym Class



Episode 34.

2:36 – Read – We go over the whats worth reading amongst the newest comic book releases, as well as mourn the loss of one of Cliff’s most beloved titles. Will it get a second life? It better!

35:51 – Watch – We give a status update on our MCU rewatch. Is the Winter Soldier still tops or will the young King of Wakanda take another crown?

53:33 – Play – Take a trip back to 8th grade as we go head to head to see who can build the best team and lead their group of kids to gym class dominance!