Read. Watch. Play! Episode 22 – Our Top 10 DC Comic Book Movies!

This week’s episode has Tony and Cliff going over the newest comic books and in honor of the upcoming Justice League movie give us their top 10 DC movies!


Read. Watch. Play! Episode 21 – Thor: Ragnarok Review


On this week’s episode, our valiant hosts tell us about the must-read comics, give us a Thor: Ragnarok review and finish up the show by playing with some dolls. Read. Watch. Play! is live now!

Read. Watch. Play! Episode 19 – Don’t Name the Episode That!

Cliff performs a wedding, Tony reads a comic, and we make some clanking noise on this week’s Read. Watch. Play!

Read. Watch. Play! Episode 18 – #CliffRant

This week the guys go over their comic pulls, letting you know what is worth getting and what you should skip. They also discuss TV premieres and Clank!

Read. Watch. Play! Ep. 13 – USS Golden Girl


Cliff talks Sinestro Superman, Kingsmen II, and The Iron Generations while Tony updates the latest Star Wars comics. They also discuss Martin Scorsese’s Joker origin story and Tony has a Punishing team in some live Heroclix games for the Deadpool Merc Jet, the USS Golden Girl.