Regional Pro Tour Qualifier – Catskill, NY feature match videos

Hey everyone!

It took us slightly longer than usual to get these done. Here is the complete play list of feature matches from our Regional Pro Tour Qualifier on 4/25/15 in Catskill, NY. We had 60 players attend this event! Also, for those of you looking for the top 8 decklists, we have them HERE.

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Pokemon XY Flashfire Super Tournament Recap!

Hey everyone! We had a Super Tournament on 6/28/14.

Here is the decklists!

Here is the feature match videos!

$2K Modern Deck Lists from 11/16/13

Round 1 –

Round 2 –

Round 3 –

Round 4 –

Round 5 –

Round 6 –

Top 8 –

Top 4 –

1st – Jonathan Velzy
USA Control

2nd – Jay Palmer
Green White Hate Bears

3rd – Jeremy Tibbetts
Mono Green Devotion

4th – Dale Smith

5th – Jared Flores
Ninja Bridge

6th – Connor Bryant
Black Green Infect

7th – Jamal Chardavoine
Blue White Control

8th – John Franczak