Weekly Ward S2 E24 – The Daddy Strikes Back

Dan & Kevin talk about Peach Garden Oath dominance, what’s good going into the SCG Invitational, and things get a little personal during the final hour.

Weekly Ward S2 E23 – Fidget Spinner

Dan and Kevin recap Vegas, talk Hour of Devastation spoilers, and we’ve all lost that marvel feeling.


Weekly Ward S2 E21 – Technical Difficulties

Dan and Kevin attempt to wrap up the modern weekend and forecast GP Omaha. Unfortunately some technical difficulties caused the episode to not go as planned.


Deck of the Week – Temur Marvel


In this installment of our Deck of the Week series Kevin and Dan showcase Kevin Jones’ GP Montreal winning deck, Temur Marvel.

The Weekly Ward S2 E20 – A Marvelous Weekend

Gp Montreal winner Kevin Jones and 16th place Dan Ward discuss their succussful weekend in Montreal, the up coming SCG in Baltimore and humility?