Weekly Ward S2 E26 – Wizards Bronze Bombshell


Right before the show Wizards of the Coast made a major Pro Tour changing announcement. Dan & Kevin discuss it, along with recaping SCG Cincinnati.


Deck of the Week – Pummeler

Dan and Kevin talk about the dominate Pummeler. Will it have its last hurrah or transition into the new meta. This is Deck of the Week.

Weekly Ward S2 E25 – Top 10 Creatures

Kevin & Dan recap SCG Invitationals, talk Hall of Fame requirements, and then give you their Top 10 Creatures.

Deck of the Week – Affinity

In this installment of Deck of the Week, Dan & Kevin take a look at Affinity from Shadow_PT’s list.


Weekly Ward S2 E24 – The Daddy Strikes Back

Dan & Kevin talk about Peach Garden Oath dominance, what’s good going into the SCG Invitational, and things get a little personal during the final hour.