Read. Watch. Play! Ep. 34 – Gym Class



Episode 34.

2:36 – Read – We go over the whats worth reading amongst the newest comic book releases, as well as mourn the loss of one of Cliff’s most beloved titles. Will it get a second life? It better!

35:51 – Watch – We give a status update on our MCU rewatch. Is the Winter Soldier still tops or will the young King of Wakanda take another crown?

53:33 – Play – Take a trip back to 8th grade as we go head to head to see who can build the best team and lead their group of kids to gym class dominance!

Read. Watch. Play! Episode 31- Hearts & Heroes

Cliff and Tony let you know what the must-have comics are for this week, go over the newest movie trailers and in the spirit of St. Valentine’s Day tell us what gifts they got for their SOs!

Read. Watch. Play! Episode 29 – The Best Star Trek Ever?


This week Tony read a book, Cliff wants to talk Star Trek and Magneto gets a makeover.


Read. Watch. Play! Episode 20 – Thor vs. Justice League vs. Mario


Tonight the guys let us know about the hottest new comics to hit the shelves this week, Thor vs. The Justice League, and fill us in on the greatest Mario game ever, Mario Odyssey!