Read. Watch. Play! Episode 21 – Thor: Ragnarok Review


On this week’s episode, our valiant hosts tell us about the must-read comics, give us a Thor: Ragnarok review and finish up the show by playing with some dolls. Read. Watch. Play! is live now!

Read. Watch. Play! Episode 19 – Don’t Name the Episode That!

Cliff performs a wedding, Tony reads a comic, and we make some clanking noise on this week’s Read. Watch. Play!

Read. Watch. Play! Episode 18 – #CliffRant


This week the guys go over their comic pulls, letting you know what is worth getting and what you should skip. They also discuss TV premieres and Clank!

Read. Watch. Play! Ep. 12 – The Power of Thor Compels Us


On this week’s RWP, Cliff talks his weekly comics, the guys talk Amazon’s The Tick, and The Mighty Thor Heroclix set releases!


Read. Watch. Play! Ep. 10 – Forging Animation

Hosts Cliff & Tony talk their weekly comic haul, some recent animated gems to watch, and the hot new board game, Dice Forge