Read. Watch. Play! Top 10 Marvel Cinematic Universe Movies



With Thanos and the Infinity War on the Horizon, Tony and Cliff takes us through the Marvel Universe and give us their top 10 movies from the past decade. Which hero will come out on top?


Read. Watch. Play! Ep. 34 – Gym Class



Episode 34.

2:36 – Read – We go over the whats worth reading amongst the newest comic book releases, as well as mourn the loss of one of Cliff’s most beloved titles. Will it get a second life? It better!

35:51 – Watch – We give a status update on our MCU rewatch. Is the Winter Soldier still tops or will the young King of Wakanda take another crown?

53:33 – Play – Take a trip back to 8th grade as we go head to head to see who can build the best team and lead their group of kids to gym class dominance!


Read. Watch. Play! – San Diego Comic Con Bonanza!

Cliff and Tony cover all of the news and trailers coming out of Comic Con International in this special Read. Watch. Play! bonanza.

Read. Watch. Play! Ep 05 – Mr. Spectacular

Tony is joined by guest host Mr. Spectacular as they talk their favorite comic runs, most anticipated comic book movies, and discuss in-depth the watch list changes in Heroclix.