Day Zero Guilds Of Ravnica

The new standard is here now that Guilds of Ravnica has released. With the previous format being dominated by black/red decks, many people are wondering what the new format will look like. Luckily for those wondering, Team KGS has come up with some new and exciting brews. These lists include some of the hyped cards from GOR such as Legion Warboss, Assassin’s Trophy, Thief of Sanity, Divine Visitation, along with a few others. Hopefully, these builds will give you a little insight and hopefully some fun decks for the upcoming meta. You know, so you won’t have to wait for standings from the first big tournament.

The first deck that we came up with is a Boros-token strategy focusing around Divine Visitation. We tried to avoid going with the Boros mentor deck, as many of you likely know, or have heard about that deck. Divine Visitation offers a lot of synergies with cards like Tilonalli’s Summoner or Leonin Warleader, which both put 4/4 Angels into play already tapped and attacking for massive flying pressure. Alongside these cards, Legion Warboss and a flipped Legion’s Landing can continuously pump out angel tokens to keep on the pressure. Even if Divine Visitation isn’t in play, this deck can still perform well thanks to its aggro style of token generation.


If you like controlling the game, then check out this spicy 4 color control deck. We pretty much took all the best cards from these 4 colors and mashed them into one Frankenstein creation of a deck. This deck has answers to pretty much everything. We included 4 Knight of Autumn as our only creature in the deck, as it offers several different choices depending on the situation. While this is the case, it will mostly be used to gain 4 life. Since it is a 4 color deck, Chromatic Lantern has to be highlighted as one of the most important cards thanks to its mana fixing capability. Although cards like Assassin’s Trophy and Knight of Autumn are entering the format, the loss of Abrade for aggro red decks is a major plus for artifacts like Chromatic Lantern. There is also a great x spell finisher in the form of March of the Multitudes. This card is like a mixture between Sphinx’s Revelation and Secure the Wastes, two very powerful cards. Not only can this card act as a finisher, but it can also act as a life source over multiple turns with its production of lifelink creatures. Just remember to have fun… oh, and FIRE SPELLS BAD, FIRE SPELLS BAD!

Players are trying to find a good home for Thief of Sanity, and we think we just may have found one. If dealing fairly consistent direct damage with flyers is your type of thing, then this is the deck for you! This deck has a great mix of disruption and aggression while still being super fun to play, and pretty cheap to build.

If gaining massive amounts of life is your thing, then check out this next brew we have. With a huge arsenal of powerful threats, your opponent will have to start finding answers before you completely take over the game. Aggressive players look out, this deck may just be your worst nightmare. Not only is the aggro match-up good, but the deck also has a few cards that can give control decks a run for their money. This list is one of our favorites because of its strength in just about any match-up.

Magic Core Set 2019 Box Opening

Shane from Kirwan’s Game Store opens up a box of Magic The Gathering Core Set 2019. Let’s see what he gets!

KGS News 4/12/2018 – 4/18/2018




A brief recap of all the deals, events and products coming to the KGS stores this week. Be sure to take advantage at or at our Catskill and Poughkeepsie locations!

Pokemon Prerelease –

MTG Dominaria Prerelease –

MTG Masters 25 Box Opening




We crack a box of the newest Magic the Gathering Masters set in hopes of pulling that foil Jace. Spoiler alert, We do!

Rivals of Ixalan Booster Box Giveaway

Hello everyone!

We are excited about Ixalan coming out. So excited, we are giving away a Booster Box, completely for free!

Here are some FAQ’s


Q: Is there any cost, other then answering the questions above, to me if I win this booster box?
A: No. There is no cost whatsoever to you at all. Whoever the winner is will receive this booster box from us, completely for free!

Q: When does this promotion end?
A: It ends Wednesday, January 17, 2018 at 8:00 PM ET. We will randomly pick a winner within 24 hours of that. We should have the shipping address already so we will mail it out first thing Monday morning. If we think something is wrong about the address, we will contact you!

Q: 24 whole hours to pick a winner? What the heck, this is 2018, not the 1900’s! What could take you so long!?
A: Well, its true, it is 2018. We normally have a winner chosen roughly two to three minutes after the end of contest. We know that sometimes life happens and want to be sure everyone knows it may take 24 hours for us to push a button that reads, “Choose winner?”

Q: I don’t live local? How am I going to get the Ixalan Box?
A: We will mail the Booster Box anywhere in the United States! Please remember that this contest is only for people within the United States, as we can not mail any Magic the Gathering product outside of the United States for any reason.

Q: This seems too good to be true? All I have to do is answer three questions and I may win a booster box? for free? mailed to me?
A: Yes. One random entry will be selected at the end of the contest, we encourage everyone to enter multiple times to maybe push Lady Luck on their side. Odds of winning are determined by the number of entries we receive.

If you have any questions about this contest, please feel free to email us at

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