Frontier Format: Thoughts & Decklists


Hello everyone!

In the past few weeks I learned about the MTG Frontier format. I am really interested in it, but there’s no support locally because the format is pretty new and still unknown. In this article I will explain a bit of the format, give you my thoughts and provide with few decklists.

MTG Frontier Format
Hareruya and BigMagic (famous MTG Stores in Japan) created the Frontier format, also named Postmodern.
The format includes all the sets with the new card frame introduced in M15. So, all the sets from M15 forward (only formats there are/were standard legal during the period, does not include special product such Commander and Eternal/Modern Masters).
The sets legal at the moment of this writing are:

I think this is an effort to create a new eternal format where the barrier of entrance is lower in respect to modern staples. Modern staples can be as expensive as $30 to around $130.

Banned list
At this moment there is no banned list, but I could see if cards get oppressive a few cards could get banned.

The Good

  • Cheap barrier to entry
  • New deck ideas
  • Something different

The Bad (as for now)

  • Card pool is still limited, most of the decks look like a small improvement over most popular decks in previous standard formats
  • Fetchlands are a must for most of the decks
  • 4 color decks (with several fetchlands) and Collected Company decks look like the most powerful things you can do


  • I would love for local stores to pick up Frontier as a format and schedule a weekly event
  • I wish MTGO would support Frontier format with Leagues

Here are some decks I would sleeve up if there was a Frontier tournament nearby.

Keep brewing!!

Andrea Biaggi @