Deck of the Week – Ramunap Red

This Deck of the Week features Pro Tour winning Ramunap Red.

Weekly Ward S2 E27 – Final Countdown

Dan and guest host Jon recap the MTG weekend, preview the Pro Tour, and talk winners & losers in Hour of Devastation.

Weekly Ward S2 E26 – Wizards Bronze Bombshell


Right before the show Wizards of the Coast made a major Pro Tour changing announcement. Dan & Kevin discuss it, along with recaping SCG Cincinnati.

Weekly Ward S2 E24 – The Daddy Strikes Back

Dan & Kevin talk about Peach Garden Oath dominance, what’s good going into the SCG Invitational, and things get a little personal during the final hour.

The Weekly Ward S2 E20 – A Marvelous Weekend

Gp Montreal winner Kevin Jones and 16th place Dan Ward discuss their succussful weekend in Montreal, the up coming SCG in Baltimore and humility?