KGS Catskill Facebook Page Giveaway

Hello everyone!

We are excited to launch our new Facebook location page for KGS Catskill. To celebrate we’re doing a Geek Grab Giveaway! Enter daily to grab this selection of our hottest geek items.

Here are some FAQ’s


Q: Is there any cost to me if I win this prize package?
A: No. There is no cost whatsoever to you at all. Whoever the winner is will receive this prize package from us, completely for free!

Q: When does this promotion end?
A: It ends Sunday, August 12, 2018 at 12:00 AM ET. We will randomly pick a winner within 24 hours of that. We should have the shipping address already so we will mail it out first thing Monday morning. If we think something is wrong about the address, we will contact you!

Q: 24 whole hours to pick a winner? What the heck, this is 2018, not the 1900’s! What could take you so long!?
A: Well, its true, it is 2018. We normally have a winner chosen roughly two to three minutes after the end of contest. We know that sometimes life happens and want to be sure everyone knows it may take 24 hours for us to push a button that reads, “Choose winner?”

Q: I don’t live local? How am I going to get my prize package?
A: We will mail the package anywhere in the United States! Please remember that this contest is only for people within the United States.

Q: This seems too good to be true? All I have to do is answer three questions and I may win a geek prize package? for free? mailed to me?
A: Yes. One random entry will be selected at the end of the contest, we encourage everyone to enter multiple times to maybe push Lady Luck on their side. Odds of winning are determined by the number of entries we receive.

If you have any questions about this contest, please feel free to email us at


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2015 Tournament Point System

Welcome players to our 2015 Tournament Point System!

I would like to thank everyone for this past year of awesome growth and support for our point system. This was the first year we have ever tried this, it was a huge success overall. With that said, we also know there are some problems with the system. The tiers of rewards were too spaced out, there wasn’t enough to offer players who didn’t often travel to our events, and once the points expire they have no additional use or value.

The 2015 season is upon us and as of today, players will be receiving the new and improved 2015 points. We made some upgrades to the art, as well as some extended value of the point cards.



2015 KGS Goblin Token

2015 KGS Goblin Token


The point cards are now collectible tokens that are usable for as long as you keep them. We have kept the same values of the points; 1, 5, and 10. Each value has a token creature associated with it and they are tradable with other players or can be used in any matter you see fit. Once you earn them, they are yours to keep.

Rewards were one reoccurring request from players we have received. Some of the goals were too hard to reach or not valuable enough for your effort. We have heard you loud and clear, and are changing our reward structure to be more stream lined and easier to achieve. First, I would like to say that every weekly event for all collectible card games we host will reward KGS Points. These points are good for entry into any card game event we host as well, no restrictions. If you receive them playing Magic and then want to use them to enter Dragon Ball Z, that is awesome. If a tournament allows the player to receive booster packs upon entry, they will still receive those entry prize packs with no restrictions.
The new point chart is designed to clear any confusion about how and what these points are for. These points are collectible and they are used as entry into events in our store. We don’t want the awesomeness of these points to be lost in a huge scheme of rewards. We also have some limited edition tokens planned, so there will always be some awesome tokens to receive.

3 Points – Bottle of water
10 Points – Entry into any weekly constructed event
25 Points – Entry into any weekly booster draft event
30 Points – KGS Play mat or T-shirt
50 Points – Entry into any event of $50 or less
100 Points – $40 store credit

These point cards will rewarded at weekly and larger events. Every player will receive at least one point for playing in a weekly event.

Lastly, we know that we are late on this announcement for our 2015 point system. We are sorry! To make up for this, anyone with 2014 points will be able to use them for the entire month of January. They will all expire January 31st, 2015. We will be handing out our 2015 points as of today (12/2/14) so stop down, play in events, and get some points!

Event Team
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